Its been half a year i never update my blog..very busy with my stuff..

Anyway…My friends..i’m back!!!  🙂


A Letter from UK!

Day 66,


I’d received a lovely letter from my naughty dear..Very happy

until i can feel the happiness is came from my heart…

Somethings that is unexpected…a surprise to me…

Thank you so much my dear!!!



Day 56…

Day 56,

Without you, everything have to work out alone, I’m gonna used to it for these days without chatting with you,text you or even call you..communication between us getting even more lesser..

My results has released, i got through all 4 of my previous semester subjects.every subjects just enough to pass..Thank GOD..

Well, My new semester has started, yet it also will be my last semester for me degree course,it  seems like everything going to be very tough in this  semester. All level 3 subjects.Taking 2 of it.Assignments…can be explained in 2 words TOUGH + HARD. I’ve to work even more harder for these..

These days i been busy for some stuff..planning to set up my business..<is in progress>can be so called online business..selling cloths,dresses online as well my customers also can walk in to my parents shop to have a “little shop” on it..my dear friends got any suggestion for me?or any ideas on my plan?please do give me some advices so i can carry out more smoothly ..

Feel that at least i’d a tried on it…better than i sat at home everyday after finished my classes..get some side income for myself,better than i keep on withdraw money from bank without any saving..cause currently i only use my study loan to support myself..Tell you guys my secret:”since graduated from secondary school,i never ask a cents from my parents..even in high school they give me that amount of money,and thats it for me..i will not as more.” That’s me! learned to be independent wasn’t sounds bad..

Hmm..recently,very easy fall sick,.maybe is the weather problem. Its very hazy these days, every morning look out to my opporsite garden,look up the hills, its very hazy.i think, the earth are getting serious sick too becos of human caused, so my frens lets go green, protect our earth so that our next generation can also have the opportuinity to look at this beautiful world that god give us..

I’d taken a lots of photos  for last year, past few months, last month i went to Singapore during my holidays…its getting more and more pics that i never shared.lazy to upload =p

maybe somedays, maybe..sometimes…i might upload it…

Happy Birthday to ME!

Day 20,

very sad and feel so lonely for my this year birthday ..

Dear not here with me…

Yesterday my best friend fly to Australia for his further studies…

Nothing can makes me stop thinking of it…Its like a slides shows popping up from my memory..

Taste like sour…heart is like,pain,crying…,brain is like,….all memories messed up together!

…. …. …

… …. ….

… ….. ….

… … …

wish myself… happy birthday!


Day 14…

Finally Exam ended…

Just hope will pass all of those 4 subjects in this semester..I’m praying…

I’m free after 4pm…

But then this time,dear you’re not here around with me,my heart still feeling of heaviness and you not here to spend time to accompanying me for a shop to release my stress..I want to watch movie—>” 17 Again” ,no people accompany me…

Dear got miss me today?I know is your turn to study hard for your 22th of june exam.Wish ,my dear good luck too..Gambateh!

Tired,sleepy,and lonely too..2 weeks ++ without a proper meal,proper sleep.haiz.

like usual,went back home from mum’s shop and continue to play facebook again…But i get into boringness of playing facebook,is like nothing else for me to play with.
Pet society,Restaurant city,whatever kinds of farming….

press up,down,left, right, refresh,Home…

…its still the same.

What else things can let me play???how i gonna pass this 3 weeks of holiday??Fly to UK find piggy dear dear?? ^^

How’s the songs?Nice? Especially 我知道-BY2, should look through the lyrics and the MV,very meaningful..i like it..close your eyes to feel ,and listen through the song,you can feel the touched..Will you? But for me i do..

New post <previous months special>will be posted soon if my lazybug never “visit” me…^^

How wish the time can turn faster…hope 2mr is September of Xth! <Dreaming> I’ll continue my dream now…‘poof ‘ back to my lovely bed with full of dear’s lovely bears and gifts..Hope to dream of you tonight … …

Ps: Dear  now is your time 17:50, rmber sleep early tonight!!!!


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